Losing Balance

There is a time in your life where you will come upon it and know that your life will soon split into two sections…the time leading up to that moment will be considered the “before” and the time after that moment as well all the future time will be the “after.”  This blog is for my after.

I recognized I was coming upon the splitting of Before vs After in the days that I approached my MRI appointment. I had known for a long time that something was off.  I knew that something in my body was not working.  I went through month after month of trying to find the Unscary Reason.  Maybe it was one of medications I was taking for my low thyroid, or it was part of the autoimmune disease itself, or due to a head cold. Or perhaps it was due to my gosh-darn super-healthy multi-vitamins. Reasonably, I knew that it was that holistic vitamins could make my vision bounce when I walked or ran, or make me feel like I had gotten off a roller coaster when I turned my head quickly. And no, even a nasty head cold could not make my own voice sound so echo-like and loud, as if I were mumbling into a microphone. But the power of denial is a strong one.  Eventually all my Unscary Reasons for my symptoms went unvalidated. And so it took me months to schedule the MRI and CT scan that resulted in my diagnosis of Superior Canal Dehiscense Syndrome.

And so here I am in the After part of my diagnosis. These are the days of coming to terms with the big decisions I must make about caring for myself. And it is the beginning of my story of losing my balance.


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